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About the LeafHopper Garden Debris Removal Tool

Mari’s Garden is a local owned Portland company that was formed in 2010 by Mari Rittenour and stepfather Michael Mode. The Leafhopper garden debris hauler and leaf funnel is their debut product.

The concept inspiration for a good yard debris hauler and leaf tarp was designed out of necessity and developed over a two-year period prior to our provisional patent being issued. Due to a health condition which causes me dizziness with continuous up and down motion, most yard debris bags, bins, and even wheelbarrows etc. don’t work for me. After two years of trying many different designs we fashioned one that worked surprisingly well. We made our first prototypes to pass out to our friends and family who are avid gardeners and could put the Leafhopper to the test! Many of them are like me who just love to be in the garden. After our weekend gardeners trialed the product, we subjected the Leafhopper to the professionals, residential landscapers, and landscape designers. The feedback has been overwhelmingly positive with most stating they would not want to garden or deal with leaf removal without it.

Since the Leafhopper is the only yard debris hauler on the market that totes over the shoulder, the backbreaking chore of pulling a fully loaded tarp around the yard is no longer. It is the perfect hauler for gardens with gravel paths, decking, and stairs. Anywhere a wheelbarrow can’t go the Leafhopper is your tool.

The best part of the Leafhopper is the funneling aspect. No need to get the yard debris all over the place when trying to get it into the yard debris bags, bins, or compost sites. Just fill it up, fold it closed, and funnel it out. No mess

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