“I love Mari’s Garden Leafhopper and use it every time I work in my garden.

  • It’s a great size for projects like weeding and doing clean up in the garden
  • The straps provide ease for hauling
  • Also hauling cut grass from the mower to my compost
  • I especially like the holding strength
  • The weight is perfect for all cleanup projects around my large garden

Every time I pull out my Leafhopper I find a new way to use it. Thank you Mari! I will recommend to my friends and garden clients.”

Joy Kelley, Landscape Designer
Portland, Oregon

“I had a chance to work with the Leafhopper this past summer doing residential landscaping, and cannot say enough good things about this durable product. The bundling feature saved me lots of energy, so I was able to work longer without the normal aches and pains and it left no trail of debris behind. My favorite feature is the funneling system. It allowed me to dump the debris immediately into the front of the truck bed so I didn’t have to climb in and struggle with distributing the debris at all.

I can’t recommend the Leafhopper enough to any and all yard workers! It’s now become essential in my yard tool arsenal.”

Katrin WyssResidential Landscape Contractor
Portland, OR

“I arrived at a landscape job recently and was shown around the yard, which was covered with English Ivy and blackberry bushes that needed to be cleared. I noticed, with all the gravel paths, there would be no room for a wheelbarrow so I decided to pull out the Leafhopper. With the Leafhopper it was easy to navigate through all the tight spaces and it funneled the yard debris neatly and easily into the back of my truck.”

It was raining that day, and had I used a wheelbarrow it would have filled with water, making this a backbreaking job. The Leafhopper’s permeable material allowed me to move the debris and not the rainwater…it saved my back! It was easy to load up, carry, empty out, and it saved me a TON of time. It made my job much easier.

The Leafhopper is awesome!”

Ali Cornelius, Residential Landscaper/Designer
Portland, OR

“I’m a 58 yr old woman who lives alone. I used this for picking up pine cones in my back yard. It saved me so much time! I just raked the pile of pine cones onto the Leafhopper, pulled the corners to attach the velcro, then carried it to the bag. I was able to funnel all of the pine cones into the bag with no spilling over the sides. I love this!”

– QVC Customer